Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm loving the "follow" feature on my dashboard. I can easily see updates from other blogs when I visit my own - which has led me to actually bother to visit my own more often... I also signed up for twitter. I just can't imagine I really have much I want to tweet about but again it can be interesting to follow some other people/entities. I have also added a couple of things (rather than friends) to facebook and am really liking that as an option. Often by the time a weekly or monthly newsletter comes my way I just don't want to spend time with it but an individual post I can view (or not) more frequently sometimes is really satisfying.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I've spent a few hours now photographing some architecture for a couple of contractor friends for use for their websites. Funny enough they barely seem to look at the photos. The one above was the contractor's own office that I helped him design and get permitted. He is more responsible for the over all look than I am or at least his subs are - they used reclaimed fir for the wood and he has a tile guy he lets go crazy but my stuff is in there - primarily in planning form but also in arrangement of the write boards (also salvaged stuff). I'm happy to help out and look forward to seeing the final website design.

These two were for another contractor friend - a cafe he designed. He was especially proud of the lighting as he custom made them (from salvaged materials). I originally shot this cafe mid-morning. Blah. He wanted me back in the evening and it was SOOO worth it to get it at twilight.