Monday, September 29, 2008

What rules should be set around the playing of computer games? Quincy asks to play Wii the most - but usually hands it off to his brother - as his brother is "better" at it and Quincy wants to make sure they rack up the most points - or lives - or whatever (they are playing a lot of Mario Galaxy at present - our only other game besides Wii Sports). They watch less than an hour a week of TV... And computer games don't mess up the house... nor take up much storage space :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today the kids and I went down to the Cole Street Festival. There were several classic cars parked on a cross street - here are a couple of pics I snapped of them. Pretty sensual huh?

I shot this for my photo class "Understanding Exposure". The kids said "cool!". I used the self-timer and ran around in front of the camera each time. Did maybe a dozen shots trying to get it fairly right. There is still room for improvement but it is pretty decent I think.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Last night I was on my way home from a meeting when I saw a gorgeous orange glowing harvest moon low on the horizon. For one of the few times since I got my new camera I didn't have it with me. I hustled home, grabbed it, dashed back out to find a place to set up my tripod. Ha. About 15 min later I was stumbling up Tank Hill in the dark (memo to self - next time take flash light!). Unfortunately the moon had already scooted higher (and further over) in the sky so I didn't get the pic of my hopes. I figured today I'd try again. Nope - now it is cloudy. Anyway - did get this image last night.
I like this shot from Aidan's soccer practice yesterday. The coach had them jumping back and forth over the ball.
Today we had a friend of Quincy's over for a playdate. While we were out at a playground I got a call from his mom asking if the kids liked imitation crab - and miso soup... she was whipping up some california rolls and soup for us! She also made some sushi with bright yellow daikon (I need the recipe) and kapa (cucumber) ones as well as spam blocks. I told her I didn't have the mold for that one and she proceeded to give me a mold as well! I am not sure I have ever had spam - but I must say it was pretty darned yummy sandwiched with rice and wrapped in nori. So we came home from dropping off William and had more sushi than we could eat and plenty of very good miso soup. Oh yeah - some excellent home made Japanese style pickles too! I grabbed some green tea and sake. Ahh. Now what do I fill the containers with when I return them to her? Mison and her husband are both lovely people and give and give to our school - in the classroom and to events such as the auction (her husband has agreed to run it this year). I know she doesn't expect anything but I'd like to give her something.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Today was Aidan's first game of big boy soccer. Last year they played 4 on 4 - this year it is 8 on 8 and they play positions. They actually looked great all things considered. The other team was dominating the first half but our team held its own in the second half (the players were swapped around in positions). They track scores for the first time ever and I think we still lost soundly but the other team had apparently played this format last year so was at an advantage of sorts. It was a gorgeous day - hopefully we'll have more of this to come. This photo is of Aidan and the coach's son Shawn before the game begun. It cracks me up.