Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the family

daddy and daughter in the tree

extended family

throw me daddy!

one shot inside

a beautiful couple
in the treehouse
On Saturday in between soccer games and doggie class and general family running around I had a photo shoot with a lovely family at their home near the kids' school. I had Q in tow (happily ensconced on the sofa with his book!) and generally felt a bit rushed unfortunately but overall I think I ended up with some nice images despite the crazy weather day (including heavy drizzle just before!). I hope they think so too.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

hubby slalom skiing, originally uploaded by beverlykaytw.
He was looking good on one ski - kicking up rainbows. He also looked good wakeboarding for the first time. Even the kids were looking pretty - thanks to our guide they both got up!

If you want to see more photos from Lake Almanor and Lassen Nat Park click here or if you are family click here and enter the usual password.

boy down, flag up

boy down, flag up, originally uploaded by beverlykaytw.

I really like this one for whatever reason. I also liked the flag - that says "California Rules" (and goes on to spell out boating rules) but I think CA does "rule".

jet ski excursion, originally uploaded by beverlykaytw.
We rented jet skis for first time ever during our vacation at Lake Almanor. I love them!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Great Egret & chicks

Great Egret & chicks, originally uploaded by beverlykaytw.

There is a nice bird sanctuary/rookery right in the middle of the Sarasota Bay and Inland Waterway (not sure its exact name). There were a ton of these Great Egrets but also Brown Pelicans (with big fuzzy white chicks) and Cormorants as well as a few other species scattered within. I seem to recall that it was over 1000 adults - or maybe it was 1000 pairs... on what seemed to be a very small island.

sunrise in Sarasota Bay
This isn't a bad pic and I loved how calm the bay was with the fishing birds as the sun rose but I really wished I could have caught it just a few minutes earlier when the sun seemed so huge and glowing red on the horizon - we just couldn't get the boat out there quite fast enough.
I just loved the colors of the ocean and sky this trip. It really was iridescent. I love my 2 boys and dad too :-)
the boys caught fish!
My 8 year old caught a 4 lb trout and my 10 year old caught a 2 lb mackerel. There were more of both kinds of fish but this was by far the best day out ever for my youngest - usually his brother is the big fisherman - he also caught first fish of the day. They love going out in the boat with my dad. My eldest really has the patience for it too.


scorpion?!, originally uploaded by beverlykaytw.

The kids found this guy in our family room earlier in the week. We kept him in a container for a while and today Q & I let him go high up on the hill. I just learned today that our neighbor to the west found one (caught in a spider web in garage) and the neighbors 2 houses to the east have also seen them recently. Not sure why nor if we'll see any more. Apparently this is a native Marin kind of scorpion and its' sting would be similar to a bee sting.