Monday, June 10, 2002

A very wet day. After dropping Pete off we continued on for our morning Cafe run followed by at trip to MOTAT (Museum of Transportation and ??). It consisted of a bunch of buildings and some things like trains outside - would have been better on a nicer day but we still had fun. Also no parking lot - we should have parked at the zoo and taken the trolley for fun. Had sort of typical hands on science museum (exploratorium) type stuff. And the requisite school kids running amuck. Also a Lego exhibit. I was quite good with the air gun! Aidan especially liked a thing that you stood on and moved by moving your legs sort of like being on a stairmaster only it was on a track and you went forward or backward. Poor description I'm afraid. You were supposed to race a person next to you. Aidan liked the stationary little kids train in the yard. He stood on it in the pouring rain as I huddled under an awning waiting for him to be willing to leave.

We dried out at home and rolled on the floor while watching our Sesame Street Peter and the Wolf with Boston Symphany video. Quincy managed to treck quite a long way. He is getting good at going after what he wants. He also surprisingly likes being mauled by his brother. Pete and I find it exasperating. Did I ever mention that Aidan saw character Zoe and said "that's Zoe, like my friend Zoe" aww.

Aidan has been on quite a puzzle kick lately so we did a few more of those. He stayed dry at the museum and pooped in the potty when we got home. He then later during Quiet Time peed and pooped in he pants in his room then came and told me about it. I asked him why and he said "I liked it". Hmm. Of course I'm not sure he completely gets the "why" question yet. I didn't realize he had a poop and sent him off to laundry room to strip himself. You can imagine how this goes. So next we headed to shower for a hosedown which he quite liked. I finally called to have cleaners come and take care of us / the house... Hopefully I will have someone in soon. The place wasn't occupied for a while before we moved in and is a bit dusty. Add that to feather comforters and I wake up a bit congested each day.

Tonight I spent some time placing an internet order for organic food. They have some products at our local grocery and several stores in the area but none very close. I will be interested to see how it works out. Supposedly it will be on my doorstep tomorrow afternoon. When I go to grocery now Aidan likes to sit in cart for 1st time ever - next to Quincy in a baby/supported seat. Quincy on the other hand really doesn't like grocery shopping (or the seat perhaps). He is always squawking by the time we leave.

Tomorrow we see friends in the a.m. I also need to stop by rental car place - our indicator (signal light) on front left keeps trying to fall out! It ends up just hanging by the wires. They have 4 mechanics on hand so hope they can fix it fast. Also hope to drop off film/compact flash to get some pictures on disk for uploading this weekend. We'll see if I make it.

We didn't bring alarm clock. Pete has 6.30 a.m. or something like that flight to Brisbane Wednesday. He discovered the cell phone they finally gave him late last week has an alarm! Phew.

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