Sunday, August 25, 2002

Tonight is Sunday. I am in Sydney with Aidan & Quincy tucked up in my queen bed. Phyllis & Dave are somewhere out roaming the town. Pete is in Auckland either in bed or slogging away at the office trying to finish up so he can join us. I won't write much now but to say that we do all plan to fly back to SF on 9/1 and join the Eggerths & crew 9/2 for the usual celebrations. You should see how much baggage we have with us! Quantas made us pay $150 NZ in overweight fees! I do NOT like Quantas. Pete will then have to head into the office and jump right into his next project for The Gap. We will be remaining in SF for a while... I have Aidan signed up for Acrosports, preschool, and one of his old babysitters. Later~!

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