Friday, June 04, 2004

I ask Quincy 1st thing after he wakes up “what do you want to do?” “PUZZLES!” is often the reply these days. I bought a box with two 20 piece Thomas The Tank Engine puzzles in it. The kids love to do them and that seems to be Quincy’s primary choice. He loves trains. Aidan does his in nothing flat but Quincy does a good job with his too. I got out a 100 piece puzzle that Phyllis once gave us – it is Bill & Hilary Clinton in the picture “American Gothic” (dressed up as farmers with pitchfork in hand) and Aidan made pretty short work of it – I did sort it into colors for him first but he put them all in place by himself.

Quincy is loving Acrosports these days. He just goes thru with a grin on his face. He is ready in some ways for the next class up although he isn’t old enough – he still struggles to “jump” – or rather put several jumps or hops together and move forward – Aidan was the same although he started jumping a few months earlier. Aidan was also a whiz at the balance beam from 18 months on – Quincy hasn’t mastered it or have a comfort level with it. Quincy likes to challenge himself in ways that Aidan (or the other kids) don’t think of – a week ago Quincy chose to go over the horizontal ladder (about 2’ off the ground) BACKWARDS. Quite interesting to see. He is doing really well at “Circle Time” following the coaches lead / directions. In my opinion Aidan has always really wanted to PLEASE. Quincy I think wants to do it right – but not to make me happy. He lives more in himself and is MUCH more comfortable with being alone and self entertaining (birth order?). He is also a natural joker and loves to be funny. Aidan on the other hand was a natural flirt – and still quite good at it.

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