Saturday, June 04, 2005

We have planned our next trip! Vancouver Island and surrounds.

This one has been simmering a bit for a few years although I think we thought it might somehow work out to connect with family that live relatively close, but a few hours can be a surprisingly long way so no luck there. It was also jogged along by a couple of other things - our next door neighbors forsaking SF and moving to one of the Gulf Islands, and a school mate's email regarding their summer on another island - and subsequent correspondance as to one of their favorite locations - Tofino

Our itinerary begins on Sat. Aug. 13 with a 6 a.m. flight out of Oakland (my husband at work here!) to Seattle. Then an overnite near Port Angeles and a ferry across to our neighboring country of Canada - more specifically Victoria the next day. Pete and I tried once before to catch the Victoria ferry - back in '90 perhaps - we had a reservation, were in line a while before it was due to depart, and then a few cars before us they said all done - no more cars. We didn't think we had time in our schedule to try again so we departed overland for Vancouver. My old Honda Accord broke its timing belt just over the border. So 15 years later we try again~!

In Victoria we plan on staying at Oak Bay Beach Resort for 3 nites. I haven't much researched what there is to do but I know there are Gardens to visit and that Rob & Sarah both highly recommend Victoria. After this we will head up the eastern coast of the island a bit and see some totem poles perhaps and catch a ferry over to one or two islands - perhaps visiting our soon to be ex-neighbors or school friends. Then back to Vancouver Island for 3 more nites at PacificSands in a Lighthouse Suite - near Tofino.

We plan a final 2 nights in Vancouver itself in the Downtown Hampton Suites which got rave reviews on - our favorite research tool for our travels, specifically lodging. We will return to SF on Wed. the 24th in time for Aidan to begin his new school the following Monday.

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