Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Assessments begin. I had Aidan’s first official Kindergarten teacher conference at 8.30 a.m. on Halloween. Aidan (as expected) got a glowing review. I was surprised to be handed a copy of an assessment I didn’t know he had had – the Brigance screening for kinder readiness I believe it was. I am happy to report that Aidan is clearly ready as he scored 98 out of 100. He lost 2 points for not knowing his address (although he actually does know our street and city and state). He can stand on one leg and hop up and down and count to ten and identify all his colors… and so forth. His teacher was complementing us for our wisdom in holding him as it will stand him in good stead throughout his school career. He plays well with boys or girls (not that typical alas already by this age). He is not a tattle-tale, he can self entertain, follows directions well, is clearly comfortable and willing to push boundaries just a little. All good. Last year’s Transitional Kinder was really great. I have Q’s application for next years program.

Quincy is all of a sudden blossoming into a highly desirable playmate – or at least some of the kids are eager to see him etc. One little boy Cy (who is half yr older) is quite smitten with Q and always asks him to play with him. Quincy, while he quite likes Cy, doesn’t like anyone enough to consent to doing anything that isn’t exactly what he is in the mood for. So sometimes Cy (or Oliver or Lillian) get “no” to their “do you want to play with me?” questions. It is quite nice to have Quincy actually care about the other kids and actually want to have playdates set up. He will have actual FRIENDS at his birthday party this year! It only took to his 4th birthday… I have also shot up in the ranks among desired parent teachers. I have a couple little girls who keep tabs on me. At circle time it used to just be Quincy in my lap – although Lillian often joined us or occasionally someone like Lena – but now it is regularly 4 or 5 children. There isn’t much room for Quincy any more but he does get center spot and has yet to complain. And kids now clamor to be in our snack group.

Aidan has also transitioned into a full-fledged active boy. He bikes, he scoots, he kicks balls, he swims. He can’t get enough of any of them! At home he ball tosses or hops or hula hoops – none of which are probably appreciated by the downstairs neighbors! He even does light rough housing in lines at school – push push shove shove. Something that would have been impossible to think a year ago.

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