Saturday, February 11, 2006

Aidan made a basket in a real live basketball game today. Pretty cool. Of course I missed it while chatting to another mom... Oops. He is in a league sponsored by the Warriors (he is a Junior Warrior). They play at the Y in a co-ed 5 and 6 yr old league. He is on a team with a Y provided coach with kids mostly from the other kindergarten class at his school and one other classmate Emma from his class. His team was clearly way outmatched today - and I think in general at least a year younger (and often a head shorter) than the other team but fortunately Aidan doesn't let it bother him at all - as opposed to soccer when he was supremely concerned with whether or not they would "win". I think he made one of 2 baskets for his team - the other team had so many I don't think anyone counted. I like their jersey - they all have the same thing - it is blue on one side and orange on the other and they all have random numbers. He is number 4. He missed the day they handed them out - there are several #15 & 21s on his team but he is the only #4. Today his team was "orange", next week they will be "blue". Neat. They also all got headbands too altho they are all really too young to want (or need) to wear them.

He is also a Guppy in swimming. He is in the big pool now - which is 82 degrees instead of the small pool which is supposed to be 86 degrees. Seems like a bigger difference than that and he was always shivering uncontrollably so last week we invested in a shorty wetsuit. It is a full on neoprene suit found at a surf shop. He wore it first for playtime in the little pool and got too hot which I figured meant it was working. I also got him better goggles. He is still very worried about class in the big cold deep pool but I have done what I can I suppose. Other than let him quit which is what he wants. The kids both loudly complain that they don't have enough time to play with their toys at home. Really they are much less scheduled than late fall! Quincy's speech classes are now while Aidan is at school and they only swim once a week. Quincy is taking soccer at 4.15 on Thursday which is only half an hour and Aidan does basketball Tuesdays at 5.30 for about an hour and then has his game on Saturday and they both swim Sat morning. Unfortunatley their swim classes are back to back instead of concurrent this session. Nothing I could do about that. Aidan is signed up for spring soccer after basketball finishes. It will be with the team that he wasn't able to get on for the fall. An older age group but a much stronger group of kids including several of his classmates from last year. Should be fun. Best of all Pete has been working from home several days a week since the new year. Why is this best? Often the kids don't have to go to each other's practices.

We are having one of those glorious San Francisco winter spells. High 60s or more each day and sun sun sun. I love the neighborhood - we have ornamental pear trees in full blossom (I love walking under then in a gentle breeze - petals like snow waft down all around) next to sugar maples in full autumn color. Then the maples will lose all their leaves and the plums will get all their purple leaves in to replace the pink blossoms. The tree outside our bedroom is still mostly naked but some buds have burst into big new green leaves already.

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