Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fingers and toes... damaged ones that is. Today Quincy managed to close one of his fingers in the car door. Car of course was locked so he couldn't extradite himself immediately either. I am not quite sure how bad it was as it was bleeding away and has had a bandaid on it from the beginning. We were on our way back to the pool for swim lessons. The life guard had an ice pack for us and I pursuaded Quincy to get into the pool about 25 minutes into a 30 minute lesson... I wanted to have the teacher evaluate if he could move into the next level or I wouldn't have bothered. Teacher said we can try it. He just squeaks by with qualifications (swim across pool front and back). Last week half his big toenail was ripped off under the bathroom door by his brother. A week or 2 earlier Quincy was shutting one of the huge heavy metal changing room doors at the pool and Aidan managed to slip a finger into the hinge side at the last moment. That didn't break skin but boy was there a huge dent in his finger! I wasn't sure if he wasn't bad enough off that we needed a Dr visit but after half hr or so in pool he was moving it ok and said it was feeling better. Never as infants or toddlers did we have any finger in door episodes! Guess we were just due.

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