Monday, January 21, 2008

How stoic are you?
This morning Aidan went running off, full pelt, down the hall - a fraction of a second after the thundering began, there was a thud, then the screaming began. He ran into a DVD player laying on the floor (it has been there a while so shouldn't have been a surprise). Managed to bash a middle toe. VERY loud volume screaming. A tiny bit of blood so demands for a band aid. Of course it wasn't remotely his fault and he was totally looking where he was going... The least little thing and he amps it way up. The scraped knee from recess that all of a sudden is bringing him waves of pain at bedtime (oh the horrors -the cover is touching it!). Does his toe injury get him out of school for tomorrow perhaps? (Extremely unlikely as he has currently forgotten totally about it altho I am sure when it comes time for karate today he will remember it!). Quincy on the other hand is unbelievably stoic (or has a high pain threshold - or both - I'm not sure). One day he was running down the sidewalk toward karate (as usual) when he went tumbling. He managed to really scrape up his elbow - a fair bit of blood actually. I didn't want him dwelling on it or particularly noticing exactly how much blood there was so we kept right on trucking. At karate the tears were wiped away (they had already stopped) and a band aid was solicited from the front desk, applied, and off he went to participate in class. NO WAY would Aidan have been willing to go to class in the same situation.

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