Friday, April 25, 2008

Did you bandage your self up at age 6? Apparently my youngest does! He was helping with dinner last night. I set him to grate some parmesan cheese with the strict instructions to be careful so he wouldn't grate himself. Apparently he didn't quite manage that. When we were in bed reading last night I noticed a rather reddish brown stained band aid on his finger. He noticed a little red area on the next finger and mused maybe it needed a band aid too. What?! He draws on himself pretty much everyday at school so I assumed the red line was marker. Not. He ended up pulling off the band aid and low and behold he had a rather nasty looking large grated area over his middle finger last knuckle. Yikes! I calmly asked him if he had bandaged himself (yes) and if next time he would please tell me so I could help. After we finished with the books we went in and got out 2 band aids and added the anti-biotic cream. I just can't imagine. Clearly it was fairly bloody as there were little smears of it in the bathroom and it had soaked through the bandage. He never said a peep. There was no crying. He is so unbelievably self-sufficient at times - and very stoic when injured. His brother would have been screaming his head off and making a huge drama out of it all.

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