Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What was your dinner tonight?
Well this wasn't ours tonite - but rather a couple of weekends ago. Quincy had been begging for some crab legs to put in sushi so while in Japantown to pick up some Udon Noodle soup from our school's booth at the Cherry Blossom Festival he and I popped into the Japanese grocery store as well. We didn't find crab legs (at least not the fake stuff) but we did find shrimp and fish cake and other treasures. At home for dinner we decided to use our new chopsticks and created what you see pictured - 5 rolls of sushi (including carrot & cucumber, and even roasted asparagus with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts), rice topped with shrimp or fish cake, marinated carrots, miso soup, tofu (teriyaki flavored courtesy of Trader Joe's) and a couple of pots of green tea. We had a yummy dinner!

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