Sunday, November 09, 2008

Took Aidan to Target yesterday. He spied the Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer ship. A mere $100. (well actually $99 + tax). Boxes and boxes of it - clearly stocking up for the holiday shopping season. NO WAY would I ever buy such a thing! But Aidan realized that he had $57 mommy owed him from back allowance (at $4/wk) and at least $20 in cash at home in his wallet and Quincy had $15 in allowance. Hmm. That gets him in the ballpark. A quick cell phone call to his brother to confirm that they wanted to join forces and purchase it. What?! It was a big and heavy box. Aidan muscled it to the check out stand. I pulled out my plastic. He hadn't even finish his last Lego Star Wars ship - the Rogue Shadow (or something like that). I insisted that they finish that one off (a $50 item he purchased with funds from grandparents for his birthday). I had also given him another $50 ship for his birthday (already built, played with, and now somewhat in pieces). (Can there be too much lego in one house? Or Star Wars?). I reminded him that he was wanting another DS and another Wii game (computer games). Nope. Star Wars it was. So they finished off the one ship today. Remarkably Quincy is the one heads down making his way through this. That was also true for much of Aidan's birthday lego. Quincy used to not be much into following directions whereas Aidan was happy to spend hours with direction building toys as early as 5 yrs old. The tides have turned. 12 packets of 1366 lego pieces. Quincy made his own Star Wars ship out of K'nex pieces a week or so ago. It is very cool and at least 3' long. Yesterday he plastered it with black construction paper. He is curious how the lego one will compare with his home made one. I LOVE K'nex. You can build very large and very sturdy items - unlike lego that fall apart if you look at it funny - let alone try to play with it.

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