Saturday, January 31, 2009

I don't know how clear the differences are between these two here in the blog. I was interested to see the color shift in the background. The top image is a fairly faithful conversion from the RAW file out of the camera - the bottom image is the JPG image the camera produced (essentially in camera processing from the RAW file). I used to always shoot in JPG - and indeed that is all that comes out of one of my little cameras. Then I discovered the amazing capabilities of RAW and switched to that. Lately I have had my camera set to do both - it plows thru memory but I've been leaving some just as the JPGs out of camera and tossing a ton of photos and it is much easier to view the JPGs on the computer without locking up - basically saves me a lot of time. I don't know why the camera chose to shift to a redder tone on this one and I think it is less "true" to the colors of the scene.

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