Thursday, February 05, 2009

I have to admit that while I don't understand the fact that people seem to have incredible amounts of spare time to *squander*? surfing photos and videos (and news articles and political blogs and...) I am a bit mesmerized by my own foray into the web world. At first it was just ofoto (later to become just to share with family. Then I found fotki - which for me is a great site and lets me share photos with my whole school with just one click (I like to take photos of field trips and school events and share - because I wish someone would share their photos with me when I can't participate) and also allows me to password protect those images (lord knows some of the parents are unbelievably paranoid that someone might see their darling little one on-line and come snatch them up in person) and also allows me to set the defaults so that those same parents can download the originals (so I don't have to email them). Theoretically I can also assign a price tag to my photos and people can "buy" them. But other than those doting parents - who exactly VISITS said photo albums (and WHY?!). Clearly there is an art to driving "traffic" or eye-balls - to your site. I haven't tried at all (altho I can see stats and am gratified when I see that 124 people have visited my site - but also know when only 1/2 of my relatives have bothered to visit my album after I shared with them). I have recently joined this photo a day group on flickr and so am most active on that site right now. I have to say that it is a bit addictive to see how many people have checked out your photograph - and if any thought they should bother to comment on it. I just recently also discovered how to see that people have added your photo to their "favorite" bucket. I have started adding people's photos to my "fav" bucket too. It is actually a kind of cool application (having my favorite photos from other people grouped into one viewing spot). It is also fascinating to see WHICH photos people go for. I internally debate which one I should add to the group - and then my alternate turns out to be more popular. Interesting. I was gratified that a photo I uploaded today has been made a "fav" by 4 people. I pulled over the car yesterday on the way home and snapped a pic of a yellow mini at a yellow striped crosswalk (the theme of the day was "yellow"). I know I could "work" at my photos more - certainly you can spend as many hours as you have available - but I tend to spend less than 1/2 hours snapping for my daily shot as my days are already busy enough. I do really love that you view the world slightly differently or through a different focus or lens for a day with this challenge each day. Today was "purple" I saw at least 5 purple buildings in the neighborhood and had ideas for other indoor purple things. I was showering this morning and mulling over what I might try to shoot at home that was purple (not a color that is big in my wardrobe) and noticed that the shower poof thing hanging in the shower was... purple. Got to LOOK in life!

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