Friday, March 06, 2009

Chess club! Aged 7 & 9. Who knew how fun it could be? Wed eve we decided to enroll the kids in "Academic Chess" after school once a week starting the next day. Both of their best friends apparently are doing it and did the previous session. I picked them up at 4.30 they were bubbling over with excitement. Huh? They learned the "fried liver" attack. Huh? They also both got to play chess with their buddies after the beginning of the class learning stuff from the instructor (they both know how to play so they didn't have to spend time with the intro instructor). After dinner they took on Pete. He parried the fried liver attack. But then... Aidan made a move, Pete made a move, Aidan went to move but Quincy stopped him - move here and you'll checkmate Daddy! Yup. The kids beat ole dad. Q is sometimes freaky good at games. I was skeptical about chess club (since they already knew how to play) but anything that they can get so excited about is well worth doing.

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