Friday, October 23, 2009

For A's 10th birthday dinner he wanted to go to the Beach Chalet. By the time I got around to making reservations there weren't any (it was Friday eve after all). However EOS had availability when we wanted it - and we can walk there. I remember last time we ate there around my birthday thinking that he would really enjoy eating there (and Q not so much!). I showed him the menu on-line and he was sold. Rare ahi tuna tower! Crispy skin wild salmon! Sea scallops! For dinner tonight he ordered one dish that consisted of pan roasted calamari with pork belly and another of sea scallops. Both really good. I had a Thai salad with green papaya and mango, P ordered a lamb shank, and Q went with the burger and a side of truly excellent fries. His ketchup came in a condiment dish that held maybe 5 squares of ketchup, one of a spicy aoli and one of spicy mustard. Nifty - but not quite enough ketchup for Q. A tasty birthday dinner. Tomorrow for his party he is hosting 3 friends for an overnight party. Lots of Wii and little sleep I expect.

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