Friday, January 01, 2010

For a change Q was the big winner at the fishing stakes. We had a great time out on the water the day before yesterday. It was our best weather day here and the bay was super calm. Q made the first catch of the day - a Bluefish - literally on his first cast of the day. That was followed in rapid succession by 2 more Bluefish - one each A and my Dad. Dad was using fake lures while the boys had live shrimp. P & I weren't fishing as we hadn't sprung for licenses. P was hooking on the shrimp as needed. I just hung out. Saw several dolphin as usual. We decided to head out after our haul of Bluefish as we weren't sure they were any good to eat. Also caught a few trout but can't keep them until Jan 1st. Our next couple spots didn't yield much but our last spot of the day was another bonanza spot - this time for Pompano. That is what Q is hauling in in this pic - the first one caught and by far the largest of the 4 the boys brought in. Interestingly enough Dad didn't catch one - they much preferred the shrimp apparently. Both boys ended up with the same # of fish. A is happy to fish all day but Q tends to get a bit bored - but not when he bookends his day with real eating fish! We called home, my brother found recipes, dad scaled, gutted and filleted the fish in the dark (flashlights!) while getting eaten by mosquitoes, I prepped the sauces for the fish and dad grilled them. Both fish were super! The Bluefish had red flesh and was stronger flavor but we made up a ginger/soy/lime/sugar dressing that was great. The Pompano was done in foil packets with a topping of onions/carrots/celery/garlic sauteed in wine/lemon/spices. Quite yummy too!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach after lunch at the Sandbar on Amelia Island. Such beautiful sugar sand. The kids had to jump in the pool when they got home for sunset. A bald eagle kept us entertained with his antics (he had a large fish in his mouth and kept swimming back and forth across the pond in the backyard). Tonite P and I walked along quite a few holes of the golf course for sunset and I saw a river otter head into one of the ponds. Also walked by a couple of chattering sandhill cranes within a few feet. Also saw hundreds of swallows all circle down and in to a couple of trees - then scatter back up to the sky. Love all the wildlife here in the community.

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