Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dinner was at Room at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Pretty much across the street from our hotel - but we had to go down and through the subway station to cross the road - it is a very major road. The plan had been to sit outside in the courtyard - and as the temp was in the 70s that would have been lovely - but the late afternoon lightning storm had made it too soggy. We ate bar food in the bar (chinese bar food but bar food). Food was tasty but heavy on the meat/duck/chicken and not much else. We put away a couple bottles of wine and a couple people had cocktails. We ended up with only 6 of us in our group - which worked out fine as I don't think we could have put more people at the table. The bar was very mellow when we got there but when we left at 10:30 there was a decent line to get in and live music and dancing. Apparently one of our party was there until after 3 (closing time?) and then headed out elsewhere - he will be project manager when we build our Shanghai office but used to live in Beijing so was partying with old friends.

Flight was supposed to leave at noon. I had a nice breakfast on the top floor - 80. Would have been a nice view if you could see very far. Discovered plane was rescheduled to leave at 4 so met up with the co-workers and got in a decent meeting after all. Dana and I had lunch together - the rest of the crew headed out to grab a bite at Starbucks. I didn't want to leave China w/out having a decent meal (not counting my nice breakfast - which was buffet style although I did try dragon fruit - nothing special - white with black kiwi like seeds throughout). Fook Lam Moon was where we ended up. Website says it is Hong Kong restaurant - close enough! We ordered several appetizers and dim sum and a noodle dish. Much too much food but all was excellent. We left for the airport around 2:30. Taxis for the ride - about 45 min - cost only about $10. Such a deal. I spent $80 getting to Heathrow. The airport is pretty cool. I like the ceiling. It wasn't very well air conditioned and we found it a bit too warm. Never nice heading to the plane all sticky. Our flight got delayed until 4:30 and then they had us go to another gate then told us no plane. Try again later. Mechanical problems. Plane finally was rescheduled for 8:30 p.m. on a different plane. We hung out later in the 1st class - instead of business - lounge. Not much different but less crowded. When we did finally board the plane they let all the premier members (not sure what they are called - but people who rack up obscene amounts of miles). I swear it was the bulk of the passengers. Too crazy. There were only about 10 of us for "business" that hadn't been in that group. We got to go next. This was best plane yet. United. Full lay down seats. Large TV monitor with personal control - that worked. Flight attendants not as attendant as the British Airlines and not many sweets or snacks to try between meals. We got same meal we were schedule for - dinner (or lunch?) followed by breakfast just before arrival. Considering that we arrived after 4 p.m. SF time I thought breakfast was a lame meal to be served. I got home around 6 p.m. Hungry. Good to be home but I'm still tired...

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