Saturday, November 19, 2011

A recently turned 12. Wednesday was his Cotillion ball - held at the Grand Ballroom at the Embassy Suites with all the other 6th graders at his school. Friday was his first "dance" at school. We were surprised he agreed to go although when a buddy called today the conversation went like this "Why weren't you at the dance last night dude? Did you hear the news? Will kissed Emma for a looong time. She didn't look happy afterward. And some kid got glow stick goo in his eye and the ambulance had to come". Well he had fun. Didn't actually dance of course. I got to "chaperone" one of the Cotillion classes. The one where they were finishing off learning the tango and were introduced to the Cha Cha Cha. My son has no aptitude at all. They kids were very cute. I thought it incredibly ambitious to teach a new dance each week - including Rhumba and Waltz (2 of his favorites) and Swing. He does think they are basically all the same... And dancing with 40 or so partners a night was fine. It helps that basically the whole school does it. He liked the "eating etiquette" classes the best. They even had cucumber sandwiches at the grand ball. 

On another note - a year or 2 ago a buddy of his had his birthday at an Embassy Suites. One down south of the city. This one for the dance was north of the city. A thought that it was the same place and couldn't believe it when we told him not so - that they just looked alike. Exactly alike. He couldn't believe they could build a building just like another... 

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