Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hard to believe it has been over a year since my last posting. I mentally write entries... I can't say I don't have time - work has greatly calmed down. Could be the calm before another storm - we'll see. Not traveling at present since I opened the Hong Kong office. So I'm trying to make use of the local amenities. Our Wellness Center is phenomenal. I went to a few specialists in the past weeks for minor things and thought to myself that they were perfectly normal ordinary Dr offices - but so inferior. One Dr mentioned that they had toured our Wellness Center a few weeks previously and it was what every Dr aspired to. I believe it. I've now taken advantage of the free full physical (including my first EKG!), the optometrist and the nutritionist. Haven't had acupuncture and I see my chiropractor elsewhere but I love my primary care Dr. One night I was having a terrible time with a sinus infection and I emailed her after 6 p.m. and my prescription was waiting at my pharmacy when I got off my bus. I'm thinking I should check out the massages. The place is spa-like. We had Corporate Games again recently followed shortly thereafter with "Diversity Week" beer bash. Michael Franti and Spearhead performed. SO much fun. A great band for the occasion. They also had lunch time talks about diversity. I headed over for one - well worth doing. We also have Campus Bikes. You sign up, get a nifty helmet, then have access to bikes. I realized I can bike over to our beautiful new freestanding cafe 2 miles away. I plan to head there for lunch at least once a week while I can. I take the bus almost every day (saving me a good $50+/day at IRS rates). I LOVE my $2 white mocha - the barristas have spoiled me for anywhere else. I rent a SmartCar for $7/hour when I need to go further than my bike will take me. Working for a major corporation indeed has its perks.

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