Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Had lunch with a some friends from the “old days” – used to get together with 4 or 5 others from San Diego every once in a while at a local (downtown) dim sum place. Funny how we all ended up here. Could have been a lunch 3 years ago – time goes by and yet so little sometimes changes… Of course I have 2 great little kids to show for my 3 years J

Having a rainy time of it today. Another great Acrosports class to start off the day for Aidan – he had so much energy and was so bubbly. Kept chatting away too telling the teacher stuff (what I’m not exactly sure). Quincy seems to be on the upswing from his cold too. Finally had a long nap today (which I was gone for at lunch) and a reasonable night last night and no fever etc. Now if I can get my sinuses back on track and if Pete doesn’t come down with it like he looks to be doing we’ll move on… We know people with Chicken Pox, Strep & Hand,Foot & Mouth disease so a common cold has almost been a blessing ;-)

Aidan was cute – I changed out of sweats for lunch today. He said “mom – you look pretty! I LIKE your pants! And look! They match your shoes! They match!”. Makes you feel pretty good until you remember the interesting outfit he wore yesterday that “matched”… He also is into preferring a couple pairs of his socks – and when he takes them off at night he says he wants to wear them again tomorrow… he wore his “zebra” socks today and picked out some blue on blue camouflage patterned fleece pants to go with them – said they looked animal like so would go with his zebra socks. Interesting.

Quincy has been able to milk this sick thing a bit. We have had him sleeping in our bed as he was waking so much – and a couple of evenings he had a late nap so got to stay up way past Aidan’s bedtime. The one night he started out just about comatose on Pete’s shoulder while Pete watched the playoffs. Then the Tylenol must have kicked in – boy was he raring to go. Pete and I kept looking at each other wondering what happened to the sick little boy who had woken up! At one point he grabbed the tambourine and one of the sticks and was walking around drumming away (Aidan was asleep at this point).

Both boys (at Quincy’s instigation) are enjoying what I like to term “shopping” – they grab brown bags from beside the frig and walk around with them and deposit items inside. I must have spent 15 min looking for my sneakers one day – only to discover after I came home that they were in a brown bag under some toys…

Aidan has been very jealous (?) the last few days of Quincy. Anything Q shows interest in A has to have – yank it out of his hand if that is the only way he can get it. And there has been a lot of “my legs don’t work – pick me up and carry me there”. You should see how pathetic he can look lying in the hall with one hand stretched out and up and him blubbering “help me help me”. Fortunately I know he is not alone in this behavior. Apparently Thomas is a victim too – only Thomas has even more parts that don’t work – hands, mouth etc – “I can’t put the food in my mouth”. Oh well, I know that this too is a phase and will pass…

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