Tuesday, January 14, 2003

well, Quincy is asleep (nap) and Aidan is occupying himself doing puzzles. His current activity of choice when I nurse Q down is puzzles - I have to take the pieces out (it is too hard mom!) and he puts them back in. He is simultaneously working on 4 puzzles I believe (altho the pieces are kept separate). No more TV these days for him interesting enough. This a.m. we had our 2nd "big boy" Acrosport class. He is in a class with Thomas and there are 5 kids total - all 3 and 4 yr olds - and one teacher. Moms (and Dads and siblings) have to watch from the bleechers way up high. Q gets excited to see his brother running around below. The kids all do great and it is a much better class than the old one. They call it "Tootsie Rollers". They have a trampoline they call the Fast Track - it is maybe 5' wide and I don't know - 50' long - and the kids hop down it - I think you could use it when learning to do vaulting etc. Anyway - today they had the kdis hop, hands on hips, half way down, jump on a mid-way mat and Freeze then turn around and hop the rest of the way backward. You should have seen Aidan go! I didn't know he could do it backward. You will have to come watch...

Aidan & I both have colds. Ick. Aidan came down with his Sat nite and I feared it would be a bad one but despite not getting his normal amounts of sleep he has been in a good mood and doing really well the last few days. Hopefully Pete & Quincy avoid it. We'll see.

I changed YMCAs and now work out at the Presidio - it is nice seeing the bay again frequently. They have all the free yoga and pilates classes I could ever want. I took a Pilates for the 1st time since early in my pregnancy with Quincy and did remarkably well. It was the intermed/advanced class with my old teacher who remembered me right away.

We had been doing well with Quincy before Portland re sleep - alot of 6 hour stretches at night. Now he's under 3 again. Molar #1 is almost all the way in... But we are also letting him cry it out at least once (w/out milk) to try to get him back on the longer stretches. The downside to that is that Aidan was finally sleeping thru the night in his own bed (Ijust jumped in and nursed Q when needed) and now we have to relocate him to another room so that the prolonged crying doesn't disturb him. He isn't woken by short amounts of crying (of course neither is his Dad!).

Quincy is just clearly communicating more and more. The other day I asked him which chair he wanted to sit in (at the little snack table) - he picked the yellow one and pointed to it. He and Aidan now both sit down at the little table for snacks and some meals. I was impressed when I gave Quincy a graham cracker the other day - he then promptly went over to the cupboard and pulled out a bowl and put it in it then returned to the table to sit down. Of course a bite or so later he carried both over to the trash and dumped the graham and then the bowl into the trash... Guess he was done! He also loves to "read" and is pretty active about it. I tell him to pick a book and climb into my lap - and he does! Then we look at the pictures and he turns the page (on command) and we touch the various textures etc or point to animals. He loves dogs - but is a bit afraid of them. There is a new dog downstairs and he loves to look for it in the window - but if he sees it then he wants to be held!

Well, I think Aidan is tired of playing by himself - it has only been an hour! So I should go.

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