Monday, December 22, 2003

Monday a week ago we went in for both boy's Well Visit Check-ups. I delayed Aidan's to be back to back with Quincy thinking that maybe then Quincy would see that all was OK with Dr Uba = and that he really is a nice guy after all. Not a bad strategy except that Pete took Quincy to get coffee (for Pete I assume not Q) and then forgot which floor we were on... Anyway, by that time AIdan and I were in the exam room and he was in the mini-hospital gown they hand out. I was interested that the nurse had him do a little eye test before we went in, after weighing and measuring height. She asked if he liked letters or pictures. Neither he nor I understood the question until we saw the 2 side by side eye charts on the wall - one consiting of little pictograms of a house, tree, apple etc and the other with alphabet letters. Aidan did great with the letters and even did each eye holding the little black thing infront of the other eye. All seemed well with both kids - and they were both thrilled to not need any injections. I would have subjected them to the flu shots but there is no serum locally. The flu has mostly already decimated his preschool so I can but hope that it won't come back around and that we got lucky. Dr Uba wanted to know what we were feeding the kids - AIdan had jumped statistically to 20th% in weight and 60th% in height! At first he thought Quincy had also had a big jump but then he realize he misread the nurse's numbers and instead he was still off the chart (low) in weight - but tracking fine with himself (and similar to Aidan at that age). We visited with Thomas today and Sara pointed out that our 2 4 yr olds are identical in height at the moment - a first - Aidan has usually been up to 2" shorter than Thomas. I guess there is a reason his pants all seem really short all of a sudden! I have invested in a few pairs of 4 yr old pants but they really are the perfect legnth for him now so will be quickly outgrown - on to age 5 pants we go!

For the stats - Quincy was 23 lbs (10.4 kg) in weight and 34 1/4" (87 cm) high. Aidan was 32 lbs 5 oz (14.7 kg) and 41" (104 cm) - guess he really was OK for that Splash Mountain ride he did - it had a 40" ht restriction and we weren't sure but they didn't stop us...

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