Monday, December 08, 2003

Well this has been a fairly full weekend. Today is Quincy’s 2nd birthday. Aidan got a party at Acrosports for his 2nd birthday. Quincy got to go watch a Circus Performance at Acrosports for his. Aidan had a cake baked by Mom. Quincy got to go to Cousin Ellie’s party and have birthday cupcakes made by Julia (they were quite tasty). The group was kind enough to sing Happy Birthday to Quincy as well as Ellie although the only kids he knew were Ellie and Aidan. Fortunately I don’t think Quincy minded.

He has woken up at 6 a.m. every day this week since our return from FL – until today. Today he chose to sleep until 10! I dashed off to yoga class slightly before 8.30 leaving Aidan and Pete giggling and goofing around in bed. I returned at 10.15 to find only Aidan dressed for the day. Quincy was noshing on something. Pete headed off for a shower. We were supposed to arrive at Acrosports close to 10.30 to grab seats for the 11 performance. Needless to say we didn’t make it there by 10.30.

Both boys were quite captivated by the activities on stage – mostly the coaches doing things like aerial rope acts interspersed with clowning and juggling. Quincy got a bit restive an hour into it but it finished shortly thereafter. Then to my surprise they said that they were going to have the kids come on stage and do a Circus for the parents. Aidan and Thomas liked that idea. Quincy didn’t make the 3 year old cut off. Aidan and Thomas joined the biggest group (3-5 yr olds) in rhythmic ribbon twirling. It was fun to watch and they seemed to have a good time doing it. Thomas & Aidan (esp Thomas) had a running commentary going during the real show. Main topic was Coach David – who will be their new coach after the holidays when they move into the 4-5 yr old group. He was quite good in the show.

Next activity today was lunch at Park Chow with Thomas and his parents. At first Quincy was telling me he wanted to go home but then he changed his mind and insisted on “restaurant”. Good choice as he didn’t really have a say in the matter… Good eats as always. Then home for a short stop to pick up presents (Aidan didn’t understand why we couldn’t go to Thomas’ house instead). Then off to Cousin Ellie’s house.

Julia had her usual bountiful yummy spread. The kids enjoyed the pretty afternoon (after a few icky days) in the backyard for a while. Most of the guests were Ellie’s Daycare cohorts with a few other friends, Julia’s parents and us. There were goodie bags given out at the start – a hit with my kids as they enjoyed their bouncy balls and bubbles especially. There was a little dancing (one of Ellie’s favorite activities I understand). Aidan was a bit of a wild man on the dance floor. Quincy declined to join in. There was singing and candle blowing and cupcakes. And there was present opening near the end. Ellie, like my kids, really thought that she should play with her toys as she got them instead of ripping them all open. Unfortunately she’ll learn. Julia gave Quincy a bag of tools and a car thingy as we left. A big hit but Aidan was pretty sure he should have it. Quincy managed to go without a nap (a VERY unusual occurrence) and Aidan clearly could have used one – he was not his usual good mannered self but rather over tired and wanting anything Quincy had all day. There were tears on the way over in the car when Aidan realized that Quincy had a baby doll. Aidan promptly desperately wanted it. I suggested he ask Q if he could have it. “No” was the response. More tears. A few blocks further on Q kindly offered it to Aidan.

We came home maybe around 6 or so. Time to open some presents from Nanma & Pop. Nanma even got a present for Aidan. Aidan liked his new finger puppet like gloves – but then asked why he only got 1 present – shouldn’t there be more for him? I reminded him several times exactly whose birthday it was but didn’t make a lot of headway. Quincy was fairly good at opening something, playing with it briefly but enjoyably, and then opening the next thing. He got it. Aidan had some major heart burn over wanting a flashlight I gave Quincy. I actually have a similar one for Aidan – for Xmas. I suggested he ask Santa for one. We made it through the presents and some snacking on yogurts and a couple of phone calls to books and bed. Phew!

Yesterday the kids went off for bagels and the “Toy Gym” with Dad in the morning while I shopped for presents for Ellie & Mateo, picked up some pantyhose for me, a living Norfolk Pine tree to decorate, some Soy Eggnog for Pete and a few other odd items. Then I wrapped packages and made a birthday card in about 15 min before meeting the boys at Mateo’s 5th birthday party at school. It was the smallest group yet at a party at school – just the right amount. And someone described it as an old fashioned party – there was pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs followed by cake, piñata and present opening. Too bad the birthday boy didn’t play any of the games, but Aidan did. In musical chairs they didn’t insist any of the kids stand out – they got to keep going but there was just one less chair each time. It took Aidan a couple times to figure out what was going on – then he was following Mateo’s mom, carefully watching her hand on the cassette thing, and he had his hand touching a chair at all time. He even learned to lead in with his butt when going for the chair. He wasn’t always successful as there were some forceful bigger kids and when another kid was there are about the same time Aidan would back off – but I was impressed with his quick grasp of the necessities of the game.

After the party we hurried home so Mommy could get ready for the school adult’s only holiday party downtown. Aidan & Quincy got to play with Amanda Salamanda at home while Mom & Dad trudged downtown in the rain. It was nice event. It ran from 4 – 7 so we got to put the kids down when we came back – but it felt like it had already been a long evening. I made the mistake of purchasing a Eucalyptus wreath from Trader Joe’s. I finally clued into the fact that that was what was causing my sore throat etc – it now resides OUTSIDE. I haven’t brought in the Norfolk Pine tree yet – hopefully I won’t be allergic to it although chances are good that I will be.

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