Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I caught Aidan reading books - on his own! After school today he was reading through a book on sharks while he nibbled on his snack. Later on he spent some time with the Children's Atlas of the Universe (or something like that). He decided there were quite a few words in that one that he didn't know but the shark book clarified his "favorite shark" preference - the Maco (along with the Blue it is one of the fastest sharks going). Of course later on this evening just before bed Quincy was sitting at the table having a little cereal snack "reading" the shark book. That didn't impress me nearly as much - I have seen him enjoy quiet time with a book many times before. I think Aidan has finally realized he can truly read almost anything he wants to - until the words get pretty long anyway.

Pete and I had a nice week sans kids on Oahu a couple of weeks back. Brother Chuck was kind enough to come and stay with the younguns. We were not missed. I did call home a couple of times and Aidan was willing to answer the phone and chat - but Quincy happily passed up the opportunity to talk to me - he was much too busy having fun with Uncle Chuck! Apparently Uncle Chuck also let them enjoy "Mythbusters" and "Dirty Jobs" on TV and treated them to dinner at Burgermeister twice, crepe place once, dinner at the Reiffs another night. And cookies in their lunch boxes EVERY DAY! Lucky kids. We returned late Friday and Chuck headed off to the airport in the dark the next morning. Chuck reported that Quincy had complained of a sore throat "from talking too much" and it was clear when he woke up that he didnt' feel well and soon was in full throttle of a 102 degree fever. He spent the day mostly snoozing. Aidan didn't eat breakfast Monday (nor much of anything til late afternoon) and complained of sore throat and funny tummy so he got to stay home with Quincy on Monday. Quincy was mostly fine on Sunday until dinnertime when he had a low fever come back. I shooed both kids back to school on Tuesday. I had taxes and the like to tackle! I think they may well have had different viruses - and Pete ended up perhaps with Quincy's (aches and general crumminess) and me with Aidan's (sore throat). I read Rob's blog about their problems with Jack's virus and am thankful ours are so minor. Several kids at both schools were really sick - out for days - so we got off lucky (so far!). And best of all - Chuck didn't come down with anything. Maybe he'll consider doing it again sometime :-)

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