Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nunchucks are fun. Who would have guessed? Of course the ones the kids got from karate studio are nice soft foam with a string and not a chain. After their first class we came home and I demonstrated what I had learned watching them (I was WAY better than they were :-) ). The studio has all sorts of ways to get more $ out of us. Not like we don't already pay enough just to go to twice weekly lessons. Then there was the over $200 "sparring" gear. (includes their first jock straps!). The $30 "belt test" fee (every 4 months if you manage to stay on track). The tournament entry fees (trophy guaranteed to all entrants! very very shiny...). Now the kids can enter TWO things (double the entry fee!) - sparing and kata (routine). Quincy unbelievably wants to do both. Huh? There are days he is barely there. The other kids all do their routines in concert. Not Q - he goes at his own speed (slow) but at least he doesn't let anyone else distract him :-) Got to go - "Putt Putt Wins The Race" needs to be started up now for a 10 min session.

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