Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chattanooga for spring break. Might not immediately pop into mind, but it was a decent place to spend a spring week. Weather got up to high 80s early in the week and the car thermometer registered 25 degrees when we headed out of town early Sat. a.m. One of those storm fronts came thru Wed nite (complete with T-storm which the kids slept thru). Turns out there are quite a few tourist things to do in Chattanooga. If we had been particularly interested in Civil War you could stretch it out quite a few days. Uncle Chuck has quite a World War 2 collection - captured the kids imaginations. We stopped off at the public library downtown one day - I asked A what subject he would like books on (expecting perhaps space - his typical library fare) and was surprised to hear "world war 2" (shouldn't have been!). We read things from the "Quiet Hero" (the native american indian flag raiser) to the "Wahoo" (a sub). I learned a few things! Chuck also had the movie "Flags of our Fathers" which I hadn't seen - we watched it after the kids went to bed one night. Good movie. Chuck's land also backs up on a public park filled choc block full of ball fields - we headed over one night and watched 11/12 yr olds go at it. There were one of maybe 4 games going concurrently. It was nice for Aidan to see as he heads into his own T-ball season.

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