Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just caught up with the Portland Thompson's blog - yikes what bad mouth luck they are having! I thought Aidan's recent 5 cavities was bad. But it wasn't a root canal! Dentist thought that he was so good that he didn't need laughing gas - and indeed he was fine without it. He also seems to have several new teeth with bright white spots on them. Not to worry says the dentist. Maybe his teeth just got banged around before they popped out (I don't think so!). She has plans for some topping on his new 6 yr old molars that are still growing in. Too bad his cavities were all BETWEEN teeth where a nice topping won't help... I also noticed when there that a couple of his teeth show down pretty darned far below the gum line. Does this mean he will end up with gum surgery like aunt Sarah one day? I hope not but wouldn't be surprised. He has a nice crowded mouth (no surprise coming from these 2 parents) and new teeth present like shark's teeth - come in behind so he has 2 rows of teeth until front falls out and back one (hopefully) moves forward. One new back one has no room to move up. Doh.

Today we headed off into the Bay at 9 a.m. for a little "fishing" on cousin Phil's *new* boat (old one was bashed up against dock when ropes broke so considered "totaled" so they have a new old boat to replace it). Forgot the life jackets for the kids. Oops. Fortunately Phil has not only invested in a couple of extra kid jackets but he had them in the car! Phew. We did have our 2 new kiddie fishing rods in tow. One came with a whole bunch of fake bait and hooks. One was a Homer Simpson rod that came with a little 3 eyed fish. Maybe I should have thought twice about that one! The release button just gets stuck inside the reel and I have to pry it out with a knife or screw. I'll try to return it tomorrow. Aidan's rod's reel seemed to come off awfully easy... so easy in fact that not just once, but TWICE when I cast the reel when flying off into the water. Bad news. The first time at least the line somehow was locked and with the help of Pete leaning far far out with a bucket we were able to get it back. The second time we weren't so lucky. Bye bye into the deep it went. We were anchored several hundred yards off Crissy field in about 53' of water. Where no fish live apparently (at least none that liked the look of any of our plastic lures!). With a lot of patience Pete actually DID manage - eventually - to haul the thing up. Mostly because it pretty much ran down to it's last 50' or so of line... and/or the reel got filled with enough gunk from the bottom that the line was catching. Phil had the grown up type of reel - which didn't work all that well for Ellie from what I could tell. We had a stiff breeze and white caps but lots of sun. No real successful casting but the kids had fun eating bagels and mucking around below deck. Always nice to spend a morning on the water.

I am finally making my foray into the world of YouTube. If you want to see some of my kiddie videos like Quincy's 49 Cross Swords for the tournament click here. We'll see if that works. I am currently uploading some from Quincy's "dance recital" a week or 2 ago. Some are pretty humorous. I think once you get to one of my videos you can then see the others to choose from.

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