Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quincy was supposed to keep a journal while on his trip. He was pretty sporadic about it (basically mostly blew it off) but he did do some work. Here is a transcription from his journal (complete with misspellings).

{Written in the Houston airport during layover}
I had a new flavor icee. It was coca cola.

{second day on the farm}
I rode a horse.
I saw 9 squealing pigs geting fed.
I got to pet an ox.
We saw a dog we named him Box.
We were out on the lake.
I lassoed a few times.

At 6 o'clock am we watched the oxen pull the cart up the hill. The cart was filled with stones. At the bottom of the hill some men pounded the stones with sledge hammers. We went to see the pigs get fed wen ther food came they squeal over it then at Lunch time my mom said "lats wate like 1 pig waits for another.

horse cliping
horse nail
{collected from the ground after the horses nails were trimmed - a chunk of nail is taped into the journal}

At arenal hotel we uesd a masady. {machete}.
We went zip lineing. We saw lots of Agua (water). It was all fun.

{at Doubletree resort in Punterenas}
We saw Edie, Bob but not there dogs. Punterenas had 2 swim up bars. and my favrit dring is (Miramar.) {pina colado topped with strawberry daiqueri} We had some holota. (ice crem) I lernd how to speke some spinis like Mas agua por favor. It mens more water pleas.

We went to Manuel Antonio.
We went on a bote toore to Damas Island.
We went on a crokdile boot toore.
We went in the pool.
We liked the pool
We sew a man feed a crocadile!!!
a moncy stod on my hed!!

The plane is boring.
On the plane there is nothing to do.
On the plane ther is a move.
On the plane my dad slapde.
On the plane my mom did sdoko.

We missed our plane. And had a fined of 150$ witch was a rip off. Then we got a hotal. We went to the bech and saw lots of crabs.

Aidan was willing to do a journal too at first.

Wensday - at 12:35 am as our first plane took off we saw so many colorful lights on the run way. As we neared Houston airpoort we could see so many trees in big patches.

Thursday I went horse back riding for the first time to actally control to horse with the raines and the stirrup. We think we will go riding again Friday.

Friday we saw the dog that followed us on our horse. We saw him sleeping on our portch.

a clipping from a horses nail {huge piece taped in the journal}

At 6:30 am we walked up and saw pigs cages being cleaned an pigs being fed. When he was feeding the baby pigs, they all piled on top of eath outher. At lunch that day my dad was late because he was cleaning our caben so we could leave. When he finally got to lunch, we had all ready started eating. "We wait like one pig waits for anoughter! my mom pointed out. Saterday we also took a row boat out on a lake 1 km from our caben. (La Carolina Lodge) Finally we got to the driveway of our next place - Nuevo Arenal. We started up the long driveway to the house. After 3 min we got to a gate. My mom told me the code to a padalock on the gate. I opened the padalock and found two keys inside. I used one of the keys to open anouther lock witch opened the gate. After sealing the gate we used the other key to open the downstairs door. Serprizingly the downstairs was not coneted to the upstairs. On the table there were the keys to the upstairs. When I got inside, we saw a loft. I climbed up the ladder, on the loft there was one double-bed. Wuincy and me slept there. Quincy on the left, and me on the right. {cute picture illustrating the house}

I can't see you
you can't see me
it's a bad day ovedesly

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