Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We have new mice. Bought 3 females from Petco. Apparently most people buy them to feed to their snakes. 1 died within an hour. I returned it and the lady gave me a *new* one and said to hang on to my receipt - they have a 15 day return policy. Today I returned another dead mouse (almost a week later). It was Greenie. We marked them with permanent marker (which wears off remarkably quickly) as they are all white with red eyes. Red and Blue are still alive. They were out of females so gave us our money back. Need a new mouse source. She reported that they have been getting bad batches with up to 30% loss rate. I dunno - I'm up to 50% losses so far... We do like having multiple mice. It was funny when all 3 would go on the exercise wheel - usually so one could cling on and ride for a whole 360 - then swap out with another one. I haven't fed them any chocolate. Did I mention that the last mouse's last meal was chocolate? He did so love his chocolate (it was far from the first time he'd had some) so he probably died happy. Internet told me (after the fact) that chocolate is poisonous to mice... Apparently no one told the mice. I remember hearing chocolate was poison to dogs too. Our corgi once ate the better part of a large bag (probably a pounder) of Hershey Kisses and lived to tell the tale. I think that was same day she licked the sugar coating off a whole jar of sudafeds.

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Barb Kellogg said...

We have a corgi, too! (used to have two) :(

They are always so happy.