Friday, June 12, 2009

on a clear day from the top of the mountain (we are less than 1/2 way up) you can see Mount Shasta - over 100 miles away
friends in one of the "wind caves" at Rock City in Mount Diable State Park - a scant one hour from our house. The caves weren't carved by the wind but they sure are great for kids to play in.

Some pretty cool boulders to scramble on.

This is right by the picnic table which was right by our car. Snack time.

Poor little Julia - only3 years old and not quite big enough to climb into these caves on her own. The 2 smaller boys needed a little guidance but basically made it on their own. The two older boys didn't even wait for me to come into view before they were in the caves.

We headed over to Rock City the day after school let out. We haven't been there in a couple of years but I'd been meaning to go for a long time. The kids had a blast running around (usually out of our sight) and scrambling on rocks. We stayed within maybe a 3 minute walk of our car this whole time. One day I want to head back and actually follow one of the trails for a little way and see what else there is to see. It can be really hot over there in the summer but we're having a bit of a cool spell and it was only in the high 60's and overcast so it was comfortable. There are campsites nearby - one day I hope to spend the night on the mountain. Of course that is assume that Gov Shwartenager (no idea how to spell it!) doesn't close it... it is on the proposed closure list along with other highly used and popular state parks.

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