Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's photochallenge was "portrait". These were my (very quick) efforts. None of them will win any photo awards but I like them. This one I was trying to get a shot of him amidst his lego clutter that currently occupies their floor. He and I have spent quite a few hours in the past few days trying to fix lego ships. This one is just about cobbled together - some different colored pieces than original but it is just about right. He figured out some substitutes that work and was pretty happy about it. Unfortunately I slightly missed on focus on the eyes. I have other shots in focus but I like this expression best. See the lego manual in the background? I was shooting from their loft bed and his brother is shining a red light on his face for some reason which is just faintly visible.

This one I like as it shows him at the end of his day at basketball camp and clearly shows his environment while still obviously a shot all about him. I like the big ball in the foreground with the scrawny kid. I liked that even though camp was over he was still interested in hanging around for a few minutes and shooting hoops.

This just cracks me up. Q asked to use the camera and turn it on me -and for me to shoot some hoops. I don't think I've tried since college - and I wasn't any good then :-) but I was having fun with him and with the ball - my tongue is even hanging out for some reason! It is actually remarkable that I am in focus as I didn't set the camera up for him nor give him instructions. I'm always interested to see what photos he comes up with - sometimes they have very interesting perspectives.

I took this shot when I picked him up from his all day outside camp. Not a bad place to go to camp huh? Today was pirates day and he and a couple of other campers made this flag for their group. It was quite nice in a ratty home made sort of way (and he is king of home made projects). I like that the stick is even held together with duct tape. You can see the pride he has for it. Sadly I don't have nearly enough pics of his creations and they are usually very 3-D, large, and never last very long. It is hard to keep cardboard and soda bottle airplanes that are 3' or so wide for long in a 1400 sq ft apartment.

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