Saturday, May 14, 2005

Carara was a great place to stop on the way to and from Manual Antonio. We’d happily go back to the Hotel Villa Lapas resort.

Here is the full set of photos for Carara:


On Tuesday morning we drove back to San Jose. We were lucky not to get caught behind any trucks on the twisty road over the mountains and made good time. The flight from San Jose went smoothly and we saw views of the Cayman Islands, Cuba, and the Florida Keys as we headed to Miami. Unfortunately, however, a thunderstorm went through Miami and we were informed that lightening had struck 2 of the 4 runways. As a result we had to circle for a while. When we landed, we retrieved our bags and took them quickly through customs. However with only 25 minutes left before our connecting flight, the airlines wouldn’t take our bags back! So even though we had ample time to walk to the gate we were forced to be rebooked on a flight the following morning. Stopping at another desk I found a later flight home through Dallas but we had by that time missed the cutoff for it by 10 minutes again. Argh! When we went out to dinner that night Aidan fell off his chair and then Quincy spilled his drink. The pool was closed for repairs. The next morning I forgot my electric razor and it hasn’t turn up in lost & found. It was clear that the run of good luck and exceptionally smooth travel had finally run out so perhaps it was good that the trip was ending, but we all loved Costa Rica and would have happily stayed for a few more days. It will be fun to take the boys back when they are older!

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