Saturday, May 14, 2005

On the first beach (#2) we stopped on, Bev and the boys went about gathering up some of the numerous hermit crabs. They then built a sand castle home for the crabs and let them loose. The second beach we stopped at was the one that was considered safe for swimming. All except Bev headed in but the surf and undertow were very strong and Pop and I had to hold on to the boys. Still the water felt good, as it was a warm day – in the 90s as per typical near the beach. We did a little more exploring and came across a Coatimundi walking on the path, a troop of white-faced Capuchin monkeys in the trees, and crabs on the rocks.

At breakfast the 2nd day (Saturday), one of the guests told us how much he had been enjoying the private beach down the hill from the hotel (really not private but out of the way enough so only guests at our hotel typically visit). Although the walk down and back was steep we were all up for it. On the way down we ran into another troop of white-faced monkeys. The beach was nice and quiet (although we did share it with some others – locals enjoying their Saturday?) and we watched the tide quickly recede. There were an abundance of hermit crabs and Aidan quickly went to work.

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