Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quincy and I built another sandcastle home (more like a steep walled jail this time) and Aidan dumped in his haul. We all watched as the crabs tried to run off. We counted 208 clearing the outer wall plus some stragglers that seemed content to bury into the sand rather then flee.

That evening we went to Anaconda Restaurant at Hotel Costa Verde for dinner because we had heard of its view of the park and that monkeys were frequently on the grounds. Sure enough when we arrived there was a troop of squirrel monkeys having a raucous time on a tin roof adjacent to the restaurant. It was the most acrobatic slap down WWF style antics that I’ve ever seen. The highlight was when one monkey reached through his legs and pulled his friend through. I’m not making this up! You couldn’t have scripted a better show.

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