Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Had a girl’s nite out last nite – 1st time in a long time for that! My friend Heidi called up with free passes to new movie Hairspray. Of course sometimes there are more passes than there are seats so it pays to get there early. That was our plan… We managed to get there at 6.15 instead of the 6.00 we were aiming for – the line was along the whole of the 3rd floor, up the stairs and down the 4th floor hall. Hmm. Fortunately it was a big theater and we got seats – even decent ones as it turns out (thanks to Heidi’s perseverance in asking people – are those seats taken?). It was GREAT. We had a really fun time. Well acted (lots of big name stars too) and sung and catchy music and still a timely message. Then we headed across the street to Mel’s Diner for a shake and a chat. All together a satisfying eve.

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