Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memorial Weekend we headed to Bullfrog Pond Campground (23 first come first served sites) in Austin Creek State Park – accessed thru Armstrong Redwood State Park just outside of Guerneville (on Russian River far enough inland from the ocean that it actually gets hot enough to want to swim). All about 1 ½ hrs north of the city. We were very fortunate (and thanks to Pete’s persistence) to get one of only 2 or 3 campsites to open up Saturday morning. Interestingly enough Sunday quite a few sites opened up despite it being a 3 day weekend – and never filled up. The campsite is surprisingly remote considering how close it is to a lot of people. It is supposedly 2 ½ miles up a very twisty and sometimes steep one lane road – that dead ends at the campground. Takes at least 15 minutes of somewhat nerve racking driving up the hill to get there. But well worth it! The views go on forever with no human presence visible. Our last morning we saw (and heard) a flock (?) of wild turkey meandering around the hillside. The campsite itself is in a wooded area which is great. The pond is a bit icky – like a pond probably should be – dragonflies, little fish, murky stuff etc. No swimming for sure! But it was fun to walk around – and toss in logs if you are 5 or 7 yrs of age.

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