Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We have something new in the house. A mosquito net! How many people can say that? We have some camping coming up and I decided to trek on down to REI to stock up on a couple things (like a Freeplay lantern - we are always having issues in the tent with batteries dying etc). We also needed gas and mantles for our gas lantern – which I don’t recall ever using, but after I returned with gas Pete showed it to me – BRIGHT! Anyway – one of the items I had been mulling over in my mind was mosquito nets and sure enough they had them. For some reason we are having major mosquito infestation this year – I can only recall the occasional one or 2 mosquitos in previous years but this year it is 1 or more almost every night starting a few weeks ago. Poor Quincy had (I think) a spider bit one day – huge welt surrounded by outer red circle. Then a day or so later he woke up with over a dozen red bumps all over – especially a bunch on his face and hands although some on his back etc. He is the person in the family that is clearly most sensitive to bug bites – and also clearly most tasty. Aidan sleeps a few feet away and yet wakes unscathed every morning. So far the mosquito net seems to be working well, the kids like it, and the bugs have decided to pester me in the middle of the night instead. My sleep is very interrupted, but at least I have a fighting chance – I have a fly swatter bedside and snap on the lights at first buzz. Got one confirmed kill last nite and another probable.

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