Friday, July 04, 2008

Here is the newest member of our extended family - baby Grant. He seems a delightful baby (in that he mostly sleeps and never seems to cry!). I did briefly see him (during the course of maybe 4 or 5 hours over 2 visits) with his eyes open - he was alone in his car seat. Otherwise he couldn't manage to keep his eyes open as here after I picked him up (put him right back to sleep!). He was busy yawning and doing other funny baby things - all with eyes closed.
This is grandma Edie's new baby. He isn't quite so new at closing on 5 months. They have named him "Rascal". Really when I think back to Paco's childhood (puppyhood?) Rascal can't begin to compare in rascalness! He is a delightful dog. Quite cuddly. A bit puppyish (chews on a few things he shouldn't - like baseboards!). Surprisingly intelligent and willing to learn new things. He lived his first 4 months in a kennel. He will have a delightful rest of his life living with my parents and Paco. Quincy admitted to his brother after a few days (and his brother of course spilled the beans to the rest of us) that he actually liked Rascal even BETTER than Paco. A high complement indeed.

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