Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So how did we decide to spend our train $$? A Wii! Mommy had to kick in a bit extra to get us there. At least it comes with several games you can play. I figure I would just as soon have the guys swinging their arms throwing an imaginary bowling ball as exercise their fingers on the little handheld computer DS Lite as they currently spend much too much time doing. We'll see... My perception is that the majority of Aidan's classmates have Wiis. I am sure that is an exaggeration to some extent but truly I have been amazed how many people including the parents play. Aidan is also currently lobbying for a hamster (for no good reason I can deduce). Today they approached me and asked if we didn't get a Wii if we could spend some of the $ on hamster stuff (like a cage). I want to know where this cage will go and who is going to clean up the poop. Aidan kindly threw himself on that one for this summer while Quincy was at camp but then somehow it would become Quincy's responsibility... (maybe Aidan has more homework? I didn't listen too closely to the rational).

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