Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Legion of Honor - Rodin's hand and the flag

Aidan with Dale Chihuly "wig"

Dale Chihuly glass at De Young Museum.

Thanks to Ginette Aidan and I were treated to exhibits at the De Young and Legion of Honor. Friday was De Young and Dale Chihuly. Very exuberant work to say the least. Aidan was OK with touring through but a bit bored until we came out the other side and they had a movie playing of a week of workshops or glassblowing he had done. We must have sat and watched that for close to an hour and Aidan was fascinated. (I agree that watching master glassblowers at work in an edited movie is pretty cool). Today we headed (with the addition of "Pop") to sister museum Legion of Honor for Women Impressionists exhibit. 4 women. It was quite impressive. Aidan was BORED. The rest of us enjoyed the special exhibit and regular collection. Don't know if there was overflow or what, but there were several Chihulys there as well (like "wig" above).

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