Monday, August 04, 2008


Does this say "loss" to you?

How about "noise"? (do you recognize this as a drum? and my old artwork in the background? titled "Beatles" by a friend at one point)

Photo assignment this week (beyond "jump") are 2 "conceptual" photos that represents some word from a list - includes the words noted above as well as "despair, grief, love, security" and others. For loss I was also considering trying to photograph Pete's head... Oh yeah -forgot - we're not supposed to include humans in this exercise (other than jump - altho one woman who must live in an incredible place since she photographs Yellowstone and Tetons on regular basis and has a den of foxes out her window photographed a fox cub pouncing for her jump photo). I think for the "loss" one I should try again with a pic of a lost ball - maybe bright red (if we had such a thing). Balls rolling down the street from the kids' school is a pretty typical sight. Only chance of retrieving them is if they come to rest against a tire not too far down the hill from school.

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