Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have you every had fresh "baby corn"? You know - from a husk and not a can? That is what you are seeing here. I had them one year at Trader Joes - I literally saw them once (already shucked in plastic wrap), bought them, loved them, and never saw them again. Well, yesterday Aidan and I found them down at the farmers market. This foto is a bit misleading as you will notice Aidan's hands look large as do the ears of corn - they aren't! There is a fair amount of husk and silks ratio to corn. You do indeed eat the whole thing cob and all. You can eat it raw (it is fairly soft) or any other way you want to cook it. I had one raw and briefly sauted the rest for the family dinner.

Here is some of our other take home - more of the corn, yellow carrots on the bottom (they are yummy - also this batch is fairly small in size), a large white peach (so yummy!), lemon cucumber above, more varieties of cucumbers to the right. We also bought (not shown) a lot of strawberries, some tomatoes, some white balsamic vinegar, fresh bread, a huge bag of shelling peas, and a nectarine (eaten before the pic was taken).

Can you see the baby corn in amongst all the silks? I was impressed at how much STUFF wrapped up this little guy.

Pete walked the couple of blocks from his office to meet up with Aidan and I briefly at the market. It was a warm sunny day - very nice for San Francisco! We haven't missed the fog at all these past couple of days :-)

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