Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Is it the world's largest zucchini?" asked Aidan. Not a bad question - but no. Wish I'd taken a before pic - it was pretty darned huge! Probably 18" or so in length. We visited Sara, Thomas & Ella down south in Redwood City yesterday and headed home with this monster from their garden. For lunch today I decided I'd tried stuffed zucchini for the first time. The 4 halves of the squash fairly filled up the tray side by side. I sauteed onions, carrots, garlic, mixed in some whole wheat couscous and chopped tomatoes, basil and parsley, topped it with a little feta and broiled. Quite yummy! Quincy wasn't quite agreeing - he wanted his zucchini separate from his carrots and couscous but he ate some.

The boys had an overnight at their friend Zac's house (Zac is a classmate of Aidan's). Ryan was there too. Pete and I had a lovely dinner down at EOS in their absence. Aidan wasn't sure he wanted to stay overnight, Quincy was sure he did. They headed out with sleeping bags "just in case" and a pair of Wii remotes. I understand there were HOURS of Wii, Club Penguin on the PC and perhaps a little DS Lite thrown in. Also my kids were the ones early to bed at 11ish and were up before 7. They are currently both down for naps - Aidan protested vigorously but they weren't getting along and we are heading out for a party tonite and their cousins Ellie and Maggie will be coming home with us for a sleepover - another night of much too little sleep - and school starts on Monday. Pete has tried to wake them up to no avail...

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