Thursday, September 03, 2009

Last night we had a few clouds moving through - which is relatively unusual for this city - usually blue skys or fog but not that many good cloud days. I headed to the beach after dinner when the guys headed down to playground for a little ball throwing. I didn't make it to the beach quite quickly enough and there was some awesome clouds in the sky above me as I drove but I did get some shots. Pretty sunsets are always nice. I like this one as you have the couple off the the right and you get a sense of the vastness of the place. It is pretty cool that this is on the edge of a very populous city. No surfers in sight - was kind of hoping for a few. But quite a few other people down enjoying the warm evening and pretty setting sun.

A couple of nights ago I decided to grab the camera and get shooting again. Q was in the tub playing and I added my flash and manually dialed it down and bounced it off the left wall. I posted these that eve to flickr. The next day was my highest viewing ever at 1182 views of my photos and/or site. Not sure why. I generally run more like 150-200 views in a day altho there is a lot of swing depending on whether or not I've been posting. Who views the photos and why? I had 3 bubble photos and they got around 50 views each so they didn't make up the total by a long shot. I just find it curious. I have a contact Sheila from Manilla who takes marvelous photos - all the more amazing since she didn't get going until Dec '08. She has a ton of people who follow her and post comments with big images and then real comments by real friends of hers get lost in the dross. I know it annoys her at times. That's flickr for you. I have made some flickr friends I enjoy very much and I always enjoy hearing from them.

geez - just checked out my fotki account. Turns out on 8/15 I had 8 visitors - and somehow they managed to view 20,151 photos! That somehow just seems like 1 person viewed hours worth of photos or something. Too weird.

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