Monday, September 07, 2009

Next stop was Victoria on Vancouver Island. We had a rental home on the Gorge waterway - this was our view from our spacious deck as we enjoyed out take-out dinner in the warm eves of the heat wave.

DH & I loved The Bug Zoo even more than the kids did! Our tour guide Robin was fantastic and how often do you get to hold a scorpion?

The Craigdarroch Castle was better than I expected and I do recommend it.

We spent a couple of hours kayaking on the Gorge. A was a good kayak partner and we made it upstream and also downstream to the edge of the harbour so we had a nice view of The Empress and Parliament.

This was our view after we pulled our kayaks out of the water. Not a bad way to end a day.

Not a stunning image but Q was always on C if he could help it. I thought it was pretty sweet (and felt a bit sorry for C at times having Q hanging off him always!).
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