Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yesterday one of A's friends invited him and Q join him for his overnight birthday party at the Embassy Suites down near the airport. That idea still bemuses me to some extent but I dropped off Q late (after his soccer game finished) and the kids were clearly having a blast. I joined the festivities long enough to enjoy a margarita at the free happy hour then hustled home for an evening alone w/ DH. We went to One Market Street for dinner. This pretty much is my fine dining birthday dinner. I made the reservation a week ago or so when I realized we had a free evening. Open Table had just sent me an email with the Michelin star winners listed. So I decided to go with a starred restaurant. I'd actually eaten there for lunch before - which I forgot. But this was the one restaurant I could get the reservation time I wanted that had a menu that appealed to me. It was GREAT! You know how often there is at least one item that falls a bit short? Well we ordered an app and entree each and they were all excellent and we enjoyed a little dessert at the end - also very good (although it was creme brulee which isn't too hard to make really tasty). They started us out with an amuse buche that was a little piece of tombo tuna - so yummy! I had heirloom tomatoes with pork belly, tamarind sauce and a few leaves of greens - a "BLT" of sorts (no crouton due to my gluten allergy - which the server knew about and was helpful with). Dinner was a roast duck breast - 3 thin slices - and a leg confit on the other side of the plate and there was pickled fig and other stuff - kale as I recall. It was all so good. DH had the shrimp and tomato crostini started and bacon wrapped pork loins. I fully supported their Michelin star designation.

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