Sunday, May 06, 2012

Forget to mention that I dropped iPhone getting out of car Fri. It went skidding across sidewalk on the glass. The glass is tough but nOt that tough. Bunch of scrapes on left side now. Think I can get it fixed next wk at work - I hope. Also feeling really bad for A. He had little sore at corner of mouth that has become big deep sore - every time he opens mouth it gets a bit bigger. Also something was munching on his arms and chest. I did kill a skeeter yest am. He has a welt on upper arm that was warm and about 1-1/2" diam yest - today it was easily 3" diam and warm. We got various meds at drugstore this am and I gave him antihistamine - but have him one yest too. I did tell him to ck I with the people on his field trip - I am sure they have 1st aid training. He was already surprisingly worried about he trip. But at least he has some gd sushi for lunch...Oh yeah - he's a bit prone to car sickness. Forgot to tell him to sit in front of bus.

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